Asbestos Experts Battle Quebec’s Decision to Reopen Asbestos Mine

As mentioned in a prior post, Quebec loaned millions of dollars to help reopen Jeffrey Mine, Inc.- a chrysotile asbestos mine- with intentions of shipping the asbestos to developing countries.

In reaction to Quebec's decision, over 150 organizations signed the Joint Policy Committee (JPC) of the Societies of Epidemiology (SE) Position Statement on Asbestos. With a unified voice, epidemiologists - expert scientists in studying disease - have proposed a global ban on using, exporting and mining asbestos. The Montreal Gazette reports that among their reasons for the ban, the scientists list (1) the thousands of people that asbestos exposure related diseases, like mesothelioma, have claimed, (2) how difficult asbestos exposure, especially with asbestos-cement, can be to control, and (3) how lasting and detrimental asbestos exposure tends to be.

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