Filter Device Lawsuits Plague Cook Medical

Patients around the country are saying that the company's blood-clot filters-small, cage-like devices inserted into the inferior vena cava vein-are breaking, moving, or poking through vessels. The lawsuits are casting a harsh glare on Cook Medical, one of Indiana's largest privately-owned companies, with annual sales of $2 billion and a global workforce of 12,000.

Since 2014, the manufacturer has issued five recalls, the latest being just last month, when it recalled more than 4 million catheters after receiving reports of catheter tips splitting or breaking.

Cook states that its filters are safe and help save thousands of lives per year for patients at risk for pulmonary embolisms. Meanwhile, the market for IVC filters is $435 million. Cook is one of the nation's largest makers of blood-clot filters and one of three leading firms in the industry.

Despite the filters' alleged safety, over 560 lawsuits have been filed against Cook's filters. To read the whole story, click here.