Libby, Montana is Reopening its Doors

The EPA has said that people can continue to live safely in Libby, Montana (and neighboring city Troy) without excessive exposure to asbestos after its costly cleanup.

In 1881, gold miners discovered vermiculite in Libby; the Zonolite Company formed and began mining that vermiculite in the 1920s. The mine closed in 1990.

While in operation, the Libby mine may have produced 80 percent of the world's supply of vermiculite, which was commonly used in building insulation and as a soil conditioner. Unfortunately, the vermiculite from Libby's mine was contaminated with asbestos. The EPA spent more than $540 million removing asbestos in and around the town of Libby. Now, federal officials say that the cleanup is working--even though about 700 properties still need to be checked for asbestos. Here's the full article.