Obama Proposes Cancer "Moonshot" to Eliminate Cancer

Although cancer mortality rates have declined in the last two decades and advances have been made to cancer treatments, the number of Americans diagnosed with cancer still reaches 1.6 million per year.

During President Obama's final State of the Union address, Obama called for a cancer "moonshot" that aims to put an end to cancer. This metaphorical moonshot requires cooperation between the federal government and the private sector, as well as seeking a large investment by the federal government to fund research.

Cancer prevention is another great way to help end cancer before it starts. Certain cancers have been directly linked to exposure to toxic carcinogens like asbestos. Although the amount of asbestos used in the U.S. has dropped significantly since the 1970's, an estimated 15,000 people still die each year from asbestos-related illnesses. In support of President Obama's moonshot goal to end cancer, now is the time for Congress to move forward with proposals banning known carcinogens like asbestos. To read the whole story from the Huffington Post, click here .