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Employers Must Protect Their Workers From Asbestos

A manager at Hoberg's Resort and Spa in Cobb, California, has pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor for potentially exposing his employees to asbestos during early stages of renovation of the resort three years ago.

The manager, Daniel E. Nelson, was charged with willfully violating the California/OSHA standard of asbestos removal since he held the ultimate responsibility for the renovation's handling: he gave orders about what work to do and set the wages for workers. The Lake County Air Quality Management District investigated the case after a district staff member observed large piles of demolition debris at the main resort; the district received complaints from the community; and were contacted by Air Resources Board and California OSHA regarding the site. Mr. Nelson's "wanton lack of regard" for Hoberg's employees and potential exposure of asbestos to as many as 10 employees was one of the reasons that the District Attorney's Office pursued the case.

For more details on Mr. Nelson's lack of diligence in protecting his employees during the resort's renovation, go to Lake County News's page.