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Do you work near fault lines? Asbestos could be a risk

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2021 | Asbestos |

Fault lines are most notorious for their tendency to cause earthquakes. A quick look at charts of earthquake risk levels shows that the west coast of the United States has some of the highest risks in the country. While California is most well-known for this risk, it also exists in Washington. Plus, many people have work that takes them outside of the state, moving up and down the coast. 

This is all-important because studies have found that natural asbestos levels tend to be notably higher around fault lines. Everyone has some level of natural risk, but yours could be higher if your work consistently takes you to areas where these fault lines are more common. Merely living on the west coast could increase your exposure when compared with someone who is nowhere near a fault line. 

Compounding this exposure with other hazards 

Moreover, you may work in an industry where you’re often exposed to asbestos in insulation, old tiles or other such sources. Many old buildings are suspect at best, and asbestos is often discovered during renovations and remodeling jobs. 

If you do these types of jobs or work in these industries, and you also live near fault lines and other natural asbestos sources, your exposure could be far higher than is safe. This increases your chances of developing mesothelioma or other respiratory diseases, many of which can be fatal. 

Keep in mind that even exposure that happened decades ago can lead to disease in the future. Make sure you know about all the options you and your family have if you’ve been diagnosed.