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Lyft faces lawsuits from assaulted individuals

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2022 | Uber & Lyft Assaults |

Lyft drivers and passengers came together to file a lawsuit against the rideshare company because of assaults. They all allege that they were assaulted while using the popular ridesharing app. There are a total of 17 complainants who have a total of 18 lawsuits. 

Out of the 17 survivors of assault, six got together to hold a press conference about the problem. These include passengers and drivers. There were males and females. One woman from Chicago was assaulted by one of her passengers while she was driving for Lyft. As compensation, Lyft offered $350. 

Lyft rides are usually considered safe options due to more than 99% of rides ending safely. Fox News notes that from 2017 to 2019, the sexual assault rate for the ridesharing company was 0.00002%. 

How can rideshare companies keep people safer?

One Lyft passenger said that Lyft should invest in safety features. This woman was sexually assaulted by a Lyft driver. Her suggestion was that they have dashcams to record what happens during a ride. There’s also a call for a deeper background check on the people who drive for Lyft. 

Lyft claims that the incidents are isolated, but that even one assault is too many. The company needs to step up safety so drivers and riders can all remain safe during rides. Recently, the company added smart trip check-in and location sharing to help improve safety. It’s yet to be seen if those will help.

Anyone who’s assaulted while using or working for a rideshare company should explore their legal options for compensation. Working with someone familiar with these matters is beneficial since you can draw from their knowledge.