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Attorney Ben Couture’s testimony helps Mesothelioma victims in Idaho

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2017 | Mesothelioma |

Weinstein Couture PLLC partner Benjamin Couture recently achieved a resounding victory in Idaho. On March 7, 2017, Mr. Couture testified before the Idaho House Judiciary, Rules & Administration Committee at the State Capitol in Boise in opposition to proposed bill HB 221, which would have created significant hurdles and delays for terminally ill Mesothelioma victims trying to get their day in court.

The proposed legislation, titled HB 221, was backed by powerful local and national business and insurance interests and would have required Mesothelioma claimants to engage in a complex and arduous pretrial disclosure procedure before being allowed to get a trial date in court.

Mr. Couture advocated on behalf of these victims and explained the direct impact this bill would have on veterans and working people in Idaho who have been diagnosed with Mesothelioma. Mr. Couture gave the longest testimony in opposition to the bill and answered the most questions from members of the Committee. He pointed out that the bill’s most direct negative impact would be on Idaho veterans and Idaho working people, as those two groups constitute the largest percentage of new Mesothelioma diagnoses.

Due to Mr. Couture’s efforts and other proponents of the bill, the Committee killed the bill after a four-hour long hearing, effectively killing it for this legislative session. This is a significant victory for the people of Idaho who have been exposed to asbestos and deserve to get their day in court.