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Standing Up For Workers Who Blow The Whistle

Blowing the whistle is an act of bravery. Many workers are afraid to speak out against their employers, despite the fact that it is a legal course of action when fraud or other types of wrongdoing occur. Employees who dare to do so often need legal representation afterward; their careers may depend on it.

At Weinstein Caggiano PLLC in Seattle, we are devoted allies of whistleblowers. Our lawyers have over a half-century of experience standing up to big companies. We can help whistleblowers across many industries.

If you have blown the whistle on your employer or are considering filing a qui tam lawsuit, turn to us for protection. We will apprise you of your rights and will defend them with our considerable experience and commitment to clients.

Are Whistleblowers Protected By Law?

Stories about whistleblower retaliation may make those who speak out fear for their employment, their freedom and, potentially, their safety. Whistleblowers are, by law, protected from retaliation. Yet employers may try to retaliate against whistleblowers by:

  • Demoting them
  • Firing them
  • Reassigning them to a less desirable position
  • Reducing their hours or pay
  • Hindering their career advancement

If your employer has engaged in any of these tactics after you exposed workplace wrongdoing, contact one of our whistleblower lawyers. We understand the state and federal protections afforded to whistleblowers, and we will use these to safeguard you against your employer’s adverse actions.

We Will Defend Your Rights

At Weinstein Caggiano we will protect you if have exposed fraud or other wrongdoing in your workplace. We can examine your case during a free consultation and will help you take steps to safeguard your rights and your career. Call 206-558-9441 or send us an email to arrange a meeting with one of our whistleblower and qui tam lawyers.