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The danger of asbestos exposure does not end at the worksite.

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Many workers are aware that their job puts them at risk of exposure to dangerous substances. However, when they bring that danger home to their families, severe consequences can result. In cases of asbestos exposure, these workers could have unknowingly exposed their spouses and children to the risk of cancer, respiratory illness and other medical conditions.

Common sources of asbestos exposure

Many businesses have used asbestos in their manufacturing processes, and some companies still use this dangerous product in their work. Workers could have been exposed while working in many different industries, including:

  • Manufacturing of products including abrasives, steel, insulation and roofing
  • Auto repair
  • Mining and oil refining
  • Construction
  • Installation of tile, roofing or insulation
  • Maritime work, including work at shipyards
  • Power plants
  • Railroads

Many believe that the workers in these industries are the only ones at risk for asbestos exposure, but that is not necessarily the case.

Can family members be exposed to asbestos?

According to Cancer.gov, workers in industries that worked with asbestos could bring dust or fibers home on their clothing or body. Hugging their child, sitting on a chair or even touching the family pet could result in dangerous exposure. Cleaning asbestos-carrying clothing or cleaning their family home could put workers’ spouses at risk.

This exposure could put the families of workers at risk for asbestos-related illness years after exposure. Getting the medical care that they need could depend on determining whether secondhand asbestos exposure contributed to their illness.

If a doctor has diagnosed you or a loved one with an asbestos-related illness like mesothelioma, contact an attorney to explore your options. You could receive compensation to help with your medical care and other costs associated with your disease.