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Ridesharing gigs come with assault risks

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2022 | Uber & Lyft Assaults |

Working as an Uber or Lyft driver offers benefits like flexible hours and good pay, but how safe are these jobs for the drivers? You have probably heard about assault against passengers, but violence also affects drivers.

Those who drive for rideshare companies must undergo background checks and screenings to ensure the safety of passengers. However, these rideshare workers have no such protection and often suffer assault.

Is death a risk for drivers?

A recent report from the advocacy group Gig Workers Rising (GWR) indicates that about 50 American drivers have died through on-the-job violence since 2017. The group got this estimate by sifting through legal filings, news reports, police records and family member accounts.

Unfortunately, the actual number of drivers killed while working may be much higher. According to GWR, corporate gig companies like Lyft and Uber do not publicly disclose information about driver homicides.

Many of the families that lost a loved one to rideshare violence against drivers say that the involved app company did little to address the death. In most cases, the bereaved received no restitution from these companies to cover funeral services or even property damage.

Assault data and statistics remain elusive

Nearly all publicly accessible reports discussing rideshare violence, sexual assault and car-jackings revolve around passenger victims rather than drivers. However, gig workers want that to change.

They believe rideshare app corporations should abide by the same reporting policies that other app companies follow. Access to demographic information such as victim ethnicity, gender and race might help them make accurate safety assessments before accepting a gig.

If you suffered an attack or lost a family member to an Uber or Lyft assault, continue your search for justice. Your first step involves learning about your legal options after a violent rideshare incident affects your life.