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Do Uber and Lyft do thorough background checks on drivers?

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2022 | Uber & Lyft Assaults |

When you are being driven by someone you do not know, you hope that the person is reliable, has a clean driving record, has no criminal history and acts responsibly and respectfully. Unfortunately, those things may not always be true. According to helpingsurvivors.org, “There have been many sexual assault and sexual violence cases related to drivers of Uber and Lyft.”

Some people contend that these companies don’t go far enough to ensure passengers’ safety. Critics say that the background check process they use is too superficial, and they should do mandatory fingerprinting as proof of identity. 

Uber has taken steps to improve passenger security by having an emergency button on their app and making the guidelines to be an Uber driver more stringent. Lyft also has procedures in place to look into their drivers’ motor vehicle and criminal histories.

Lyft and Uber’s standards for their drivers 

Lyft has another company do a DMV check and looks into whether its drivers have a criminal background. Lyft drivers have to be at least 21. (This age specification varies in different areas of the nation.)

Uber does not conduct interviews with its drivers as part of the hiring process. The company does random identity checks. Drivers have to undergo a background check for criminal activity and driving violations, with yearly follow-up screenings. Drivers must be older than 21 to work for Uber.

What can prevent someone from being a Lyft or Uber driver?

There are many offenses that will stop someone from driving for these companies. For Lyft, they include DUI, terrorism, being a sex offender, drug offenses and other issues. For Uber, it’s felonies, murder, sex offenses and additional crimes.

If you are victimized by a Lyft or Uber driver

Report the incident to the police and speak to an experienced professional about your legal options. You may believe that enough was not done by Uber or Lyft to prevent the driver from having a position that allowed harm to come to you.