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Can mesothelioma be prevented in high-risk individuals?

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As you may know, mesothelioma is an incurable cancer usually occurring after asbestos exposure that occurred decades ago. Since many asbestos products were never labeled and it takes decades for the cancer to manifest, victims can develop mesothelioma without even knowing they were exposed in the first place.

Science has long focused on finding ways to treat and cure mesothelioma, with varying degrees of success. Treatments are always in demand, but what if it was possible to prevent mesothelioma from developing in the first place?

What is chemoprevention?

Although chemoprevention sounds much like the word chemotherapy, they are nothing alike. Chemoprevention involves giving at-risk cancer patients or those in remission a chemical cocktail at regular intervals to prevent or delay cancer development, including mesothelioma.

Has it been tested?

Yes, it is currently being researched by many scientists and agencies. In one study, researchers successfully delayed tumor development in mice exposed to asbestos with a chemical inhibitor known as SC144. When combined with other drugs like anakinra and sulindac, SC144 offers the hope of prolonged survival to many mesothelioma patients.

How does SC144 work?

Inflammatory cytokines (protein molecules) in the body often trigger the growth of cancerous tumors. According to the study, SC144 targets the pathways of inflammatory cytokines. It has been shown to delay tumor growth—at least in a lab.

Is chemoprevention safe?

Of course, this is not the only type of chemoprevention. The safety risks vary depending on the components used in chemoprevention studies and trials. However, researchers say the version of SC144 used in this study presents fewer side effects than other versions of the drug.

Mesothelioma need not be an immediate death sentence. Although incurable, many treatments exist to help you live longer and feel better. Fight for your mesothelioma compensation under Washington law so that you may still be here when science finally finds the answer.